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World of Coins and Coin Collecting

World of Coins and Coin Collecting


Autor: David L. Ganz
Verlag: Bonus Books
ISBN: 1566250994
Auflage: Juli 1998
Preis: 26,50 Euro

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Since its first publication in 1980, The World of Coins and Coin Collecting has been the complete guide to contemporary numismatics that collectors and investors repeatedly turn to. This award-winning book, now completely revised and expanded, covers important, significant developments in coin collecting during the last quarter century, and devotes the same careful attention to historical detail and how to collect coins that has made it an important addition to public and private libraries.

Here's the coin book with: The latest values; New price charts and graphs; Timely investment advice; Hundreds of photos; A completely updates history of contemporary coin collecting and investing. Heavily illustrated chapters explain how to build, organise, and display a coin collection; the evolution of coinage and tokens; the art of the medallion; and the recent interest in exotic paper money.



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