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Ancient Coin Collecting VI: Non-Classical Cultures

Ancient Coin Collecting VI


Autor: Wayne G. Sayles
Verlag: Krause Publications
ISBN: 0873417534
Auflage: Juli 1999
Preis: 22,50 Euro

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One of the most obscure cultures to issue coinage in antiquity were the Indo-Greeks. In trying to sensibly catalogue their numismatic legacy, Michael Mitchiner took nine volumes. The more well known cultures require correspondingly greater attention. It would be presumptuous of any author to suggest, or even think, that the entire scope of ancient numismatics outside of the classical world could be presented in a book of 208 pages. That was never our ambition in authoring this final volume of the Ancient Coin Collecting series. In earlier volumes of the series, it was possible to introduce a culture and its coinage from several perspectives. In this volume, it is barely possible to name all of the non-classical cultures.

Any attempt to capture the essence of each group, in such a limited space, would be fruitless. Why then did we even attempt such a broad scope? Because there is practically nothing accessible to the collector today which says “There were other ancients.” If the reader of this volume is overwhelmed, we should not be surprised. The field should overwhelm even the most experienced numismatist. The purpose of this entire series has been to help new collectors learn how to ask questions, not to anticipate and try to answer every question which might be posed. We hope that Volume VI will raise a lot of questions and that some of the readers will choose to seek answers.



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